Law Alumni

    Law Alumni

    We're proud of our successful law school alumni.

    Empire College alumni comprise approximately 25 percent of the Sonoma County Bar. Elevene are now members of the judiciary in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lassen, Calaveras, and Merced counties. A partial list of alumni appears below.

    Tadd C. Aiona, Attorney at Law, Provencher & Flatt LLP

    Hon. Shelly Averill, Sonoma County Superior Court Judge

    Jared J. Babula, Senior Staff Counsel, California Energy Commission

    Hon. Raima H. Ballinger, Sonoma County Superior Court Judge

    Hon. Carla Bonilla, Sonoma County Superior Court Commissioner (retired)

    Craig T. Brooks, Deputy District Attorney, Sonoma County; President, Sonoma County Prosecutors Association

    Hon. Ron W. Brown, Mendocino County Superior Court Judge

    Jeanne M. Browne, Attorney at Law, Private Practitioner

    Hon. Jeanne M. Buckley, Sonoma County Superior Court Commissioner (retired)

    Hon. Thomas S. Burr, Commissioner, Superior Court of Merced County (retired)

    Anne D'Arcy, Associate, Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moskowitz LLP

    Teresa de la O, Attorney at Law, Private Practitioner

    Jeffrey E. Duplicki, Associate, McMillan & Shureen LLP

    Patrick M. Dyas, Attorney at Law, Adams Nye Sinunu Bruni Becht LLP

    Marlisa A. Ferreira, Senior Deputy District Attorney - Gang Unit, Stanislaus County

    Gail F. Flatt, Partner, Provencher & Flatt LLP

    Jacqueline D. Gillespie, Attorney at Law, Private Practitioner

    Michael Gogna, City Attorney, Healdsburg and Fort Bragg; Attorney at Law, Meyers Nave

    Stephen E. Hansel, President, Hansel Leasing

    Donald P. Hawley, Claims Counsel, Universal Underwriters Group

    John A. Holdredge, Partner, Geary, Shea, O'Donnell & Grattan PC

    Sharon H. Holwerda, Attorney at Law, Bishop, Barry, Howe, Haney & Ryder

    Ronald W. Horton, Attorney at Law, State Compensation Insurance Fund

    Seth Howard, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Steve Turer

    Yolanda M. Jackson, Deputy Executive Director and Diversity Director, Bar Association of San Francisco

    Scott A. Jamar, Sonoma County Deputy District Attorney

    Patrick W. Kilkenny, President/CEO, National Bank of the Redwoods

    Joseph C. Kinkade, Staff Attorney, School and College Legal Services

    John P. LaLonde, Deputy District Attorney, Fresno County

    Heidi Larson, Deputy District Attorney, Mendocino County

    John P. Levering, Associate, Mullen & Filippi LLP

    Mark F. Lightfoot, Attorney at Law, American Home Shield Insurance

    Katy Rose Lusson, Attorney at Law, Protection & Advocacy, Inc.

    Julianne Major, Attorney at Law, Private Practitioner

    Jean Maltby, Research Attorney, Sonoma County Superior Court

    Susan Moore Massini, Mendocino County District Attorney, 1987-1999

    Michael G. Miller, Partner, Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moskowitz LLP

    Carol J. Monahan, Chief Counsel, California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

    Adrienne M. Moran, Partner, Shapiro, Galvin, Shapiro, Piasta & Moran

    Kathleen A. Pozzi, Sonoma County Chief Deputy Public Defender

    Douglas B. Provencher, Partner, Provencher & Flatt

    Nathaniel Raff, Law Offices of L. Stephen Turer

    Hon. Becky Rasmason, Sonoma County Superior Court Commissioner

    Andy J. Rubinger, Chief Deputy Public Defender, Napa County

    Peggy J. Schmeck, Attorney at Law, Sonoma County Family Mediation Services (retired)

    E. Gregory Schrader, Attorney at Law, Private Practitioner

    Richard S. Scott, Associate, Andrian & Gallenson

    Doug Shureen, Partner, McMillan & Shureen LLP; 2006 President, Sonoma County Bar Association

    Ann Thomas, Attorney at Law & Project Director, Council on Aging

    Hon. Francisca P. Tisher, Napa County Superior Court Judge

    George R. Valenzuela, Attorney at Law, Santa Rosa City Schools

    J. Ross Walker, Willits City Attorney

    Robert Wieworka, Staff Counsel, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

    Thomas Q. Winter, MD, Of Counsel, Teal & Montgomery

    Note: Listings reflect the most current information available at the time of publication. To update a listing, contact

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