Student Mentors

Student Mentors

Your success is important to us at Empire College. Read more about the student mentors that are here to help you succeed.

Accounting Student Mentor
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My focus for the last 25+ years has been all about family and raising my children. I had the freedom to stay at home, home school and manage our household. As the saying goes, "life happens" and I found myself single and moving to a new location all in a short amount of time. I needed to find work and a place to live while acclimating myself to this new way of existing. My new life started to smooth out and while working as a nanny I had an injury that made me rethink my life and my future.

As I began to look into other lines of work, I realized that because I only had a high school education I was limited in the job market. With my abilities in managing my own household and knowing I was good with numbers, I started looking at trade schools and night schools. I found Empire College through a friend who had just recently enrolled. From my first encounter with Empire College I have found a place where I feel I can meet my goals and am supported in the process. Not only do the staff and the teachers support me but I have a community of like-minded peers. I am excited about the accounting program at Empire College and about my future!

Accounting Student Mentor
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I started here at Empire in June of 2011. I am in the Specialized Associate Degree in Accounting program and will graduate in January of 2013.

In 2008, I was laid off from a business I had been in for 19 years. I discovered that while I held a management position and had years of experience, I could not find a job. As a matter of fact, one person working at the unemployment office told me that I would have a difficult time because I was over 40. 40?! I was 43 at the time and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I spent some time in denial and then feeling sorry for myself before finally, in March of 2011, I took a job making less than a third of my previous salary. By this point I was completely out of money and felt any income was a good income. It only took two months for me to realize something had to change. I called Empire.

By June, I was already attending classes and beginning my new career path. It was all so easy, and happened so fast, my head was spinning. While I wasn't a stranger to hard work and deadlines, going to school after so many years was more than just a little daunting. I thank the student mentors of the time (Lyndasue and Melissa), Carol and all of the staff here for making me feel welcome. My fellow accounting students helped to make me feel like I belonged.

My goal is to utilize both my accounting degree, and my background as a business analyst, to obtain a great position somewhere. I know without a doubt that the staff here, and education and confidence I have obtained, will ensure that I meet that goal.

Accounting Student Mentor
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I came to Empire College after some major, life-changing experiences in my mid-50s. I decided on the accounting program since I am an analytical and detail oriented person. I am so glad to have chosen accounting since its real-world application has so many facets. I am intrigued by forensic accounting, and I am really enjoying my classes here. The faculty has been immensely helpful and supportive.

I would like to offer the same support to night-time students since it comes with its own set of challenges. To those of you who have chosen the same path, I say, "Well done!"

Information Technology Student Mentor
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I am in the IT program taking the Specialized Associate Degree in Microsoft. Choosing to come to Empire College was the best decision I could have made. I have two certifications since I started, and I still have nine months left in my course. When I first came to Empire I had zero computer skills, and was a cashier at a previous job. Now I am educated in computer mechanics, understanding network configuration, and have a knowledge of Windows Server 2008.

I have definitely come a long way since I decided to come here. This school can do great things for you and your career. Empire has changed my life, and I hope it can do the same for you.

Information Technology Student Mentor
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Some of Trenton's earliest memories involve an old computer, thus IT is a natural choice. He was writing code and scripting by the age of 12, so technology entrenched itself firmly in Trenton's future. Trenton excels at cross-platform understanding, because of this he can work with virtually any computer. What sets him apart from the rest of the tech world would be his grin. Unlike some technicians, Trenton is outgoing and friendly. Extremely patient, he is able to explain difficult issues to even the most un-tech-oriented minds. Trenton is currently A+ certified and is working towards his Net+ and Windows 7 certifications.

In his time off, Trenton enjoys fire-dancing and performing this daredevil-esque art at local venues. On a sunny day, you may even find him practicing in front of the school. Curious minds need only ask, as he is more than eager to teach new spinners and dancers the fundamentals behind the magic.

Legal Student Mentor
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My name is Emilee, and I am a returning Empire College student. I previously graduated in 1994 with a Legal Secretary certificate and thoroughly enjoyed my experience then. Not only did I graduate and obtain employment as a Legal Secretary before graduation, but I also met my husband here.

Once we decided to start a family, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom; however, I wanted to keep working and stay current within the legal field. While raising my family, I started a home business preparing court and deposition transcripts and have been doing that for over 14 years.

Due to an illness that resulted in my husband being permanently disabled and able to stay home, I decided it was time for me to leave the "nest" and further pursue my passion in the legal field. It was a scary decision for me to return to school after all those years at home, but there's not a single day that goes by that I regret my decision to further my education and take the steps necessary to obtain employment as a paralegal.

Empire College changed my life in 1994, and it is changing my life again now. Soon I will graduate with a specialized paralegal degree, and I am so excited for what the future has in store for me.

Legal Student Mentor
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I am in the paralegal program and expect to graduate in July 2012. After 11 years of being out of high school, I decided to continue my education in the legal field because that’s what has interested me. I was very scared to go back to school, but it has been the best choice I have made. My experience here has been nothing but rewarding. Not only have my instructors made my transition much easier, but my classmates have been so fantastic and supportive.

I feel very blessed to have wonderful family and friends that support me in school and in my future career. Learning to juggle school and kids was a little challenging. In my free time out of school, I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my husband and kids. We enjoy camping, swimming, riding dirt bikes, and going to the park.

Upon graduation, I hope to be employed in a law office putting my skills to practice and doing something I enjoy. I have excellent hopes for my future in the career that I chose. This experience has taught me a lot of valuable things and allowed me to meet wonderful people. I feel fortunate to be able to continue my education in the career that I like.

Medical Student Mentor
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Welcome to Empire College! My name is Christina, and I have been attending Empire College since January of 2011. I am in the Specialized Associate Degree program. Empire College has changed my whole outlook on the future of my life. When I first started, I had not been in school for several years. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. I now realize that committing to complete this degree is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It is a positive decision that is going to influence my future. Not only has attending Empire College boosted my intellect, it has also boosted my self-esteem.

My husband and I work hard so that we can provide for our five children. I want to show them that they can succeed if they work hard and are dedicated to reaching their goals. I am fortunate to have found support for the continuation of my academic studies from my family, friends, teachers, and staff here at Empire College. It is humbling to be able to become a mentor to continue that support for other students.

I am excited and honored to be your evening mentor! I love to help people. I believe that dedication, time management, and organizational skills are necessary for reaching our goals. Having a good support system is important as well. By deciding to pursue your degree, you have taken one giant leap towards a better future. Reaching our goals takes baby steps. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or just need tips on studying, I am here for you. I welcome the opportunity to serve as the evening mentor.

Medical Student Mentor
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I started at Empire in February of 2011, and it has been the most rewarding decision of my life. Before coming back to school, I worked a number of dead end jobs and came here to get a career with a future where I could make a difference. The support of my family has been a major contribution in my struggle for excellence throughout this program.

Going to college is a life changing experience and has taught me a great deal about myself. Every day is a new challenge, with an exercise in growth, and I appreciate the chance to prove myself. I am proud of my accomplishments and have found strength in the staff and other students here. Talking with instructors and students about their struggles makes it easier to find balance, and I hope that I can be available to help you all as much as possible.

Being chosen as student mentor is an honor, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be more involved in the process. Some days it is hard to keep yourself motivated, so if you are having trouble with anything, personal or school related, I am available to talk to you about it and give a different perspective. We are all here for the same reason, and if we work together, we can all reach our goals.

Medical Student Mentor
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My name is Vanessa and I started here in February of 2011. I am doing the Specialized Associate Degree program, and it has been nothing but rewarding. The homework, classes, and even all the new people you meet can get pretty overwhelming, but if you just take it one step at a time and try not to stress out too bad, anything is possible. I remind myself that I have a whole other life outside of school, and I make sure I spend time doing things I like. You will walk away from here getting to know so many new friends and with a very fulfilling education.

I am very lucky to have a very strong support system at home and in school. My husband is currently the only one working, but he tells me not to worry about the bills and just focus on school for now. My parents would support me through anything I do, and I have met some great friends here that keep me motivated as well.

If I could give you one bit of advice, it would be not to take anything too seriously. If you get a bad grade, get up and try again. As Roy Hurd has told all of us in orientation, this is where your mistakes are acceptable. Everything you do, whether it was a success or a failure, has a valuable lesson in it.

Office Administration Student Mentor
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Hello fellow students and staff. My name is Lynette and I am currently enrolled at Empire College to obtain my Associate's Degree as an Administrative Specialist. I am an active member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Student Chapter. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters, ages ten, nine, and two.

Following my high school graduation, I decided to go to work instead of continuing my education. After being in the workforce for 15 years, I was not getting far and felt that it was time to go back to school. I have been at Empire for a year now and can honestly say that coming back to school was the best decision I have ever made, as far as my education and career are concerned. With the skills and renewed interpersonal skills that I am gaining, I feel that I will be a more valuable asset to any organization. The staff and students at Empire College are personable and make learning fun!

I was very excited to hear that I would be given the chance to mentor the administrative students. I enjoy assisting my peers and fostering new growth in others. Feel free to stop me in the hall or outside if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to. I hope you all enjoy your studies here at Empire College. You are making a positive step in securing a better future for yourself!

Office Administration Student Mentor
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I am currently enrolled in the Executive Office Administration program at Empire College. I spent the last five years working in manufacturing; although I learned some valuable skills during that time, my career in that field had hit a wall and I was in need of a major change. Although change is not easy, I knew going back to school would be the best option for me and my family. I can confidently say that I have never made a better decision. With hard work and persistence, I recently obtained my first office job as the front desk manager for a small engineering company. With a new-found excitement to explore the world of office administration, I look forward to the months to come here at Empire as I finish my program and continue to learn and grow.

I am extremely honored and privileged to be one of the evening office administration mentors. Please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have; I will be more than happy to help get them answered.

Office Administration Student Mentor
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Hi and welcome to Empire College! I am currently a student here at Empire working towards my Associate Degree in Office Administration. I am the Vice President of the IAAP student chapter. I have a beautiful daughter who is 4.

When I decided to go back to school to further my education, I was hesitant because I have had a bad experience before with another school. The staff here put me at ease, and I put that bad experience aside and came to Empire College to see what it was all about. I started at Empire in September 2008 as a Medical Assisting student in the evening. It was a couple of months after graduating my program that I decided to continue with my education. I switched to the Office Administration program as a day student.

I am honored and privileged to be a mentor to my fellow students.