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Weekly Job News!

Hello Everyone,


Sorry I missed sending out news last Monday; however I can tell you we had quite a

bit going on and I am excited to share some of it with you.


Save the Date - 5th Annual Sonoma County Potluck Chef Showdown ELECTION EDITION

[Posted on behalf of Sheri Eachus, Hospitality/Tourism Department Head and her fabulously creative students]

On November 5, 2012, the Hospitality Students will be hosting the 5th Annual Sonoma County Potluck Chef Showdown  ELECTION EDITION.

Weekly Job News!

Hello everyone!


For those of you returning from your week’sbreak welcome back and to those

of you attending your first classes we are happy to have you here with us.


Career Services has been busy on your behalf. Last week we received 7 job orders

Empire Paralegal Wins Two Scholarships

Empire College congratulates paralegal student Emilee Saltzer on her winning two scholarships in April. Emilee applied for the Redwood Empire Association of Paralegals (REAP) Susan I. Perry Memorial Scholarship and was interviewed by a panel of paralegals. She found out later that day that she won a $500 scholarship.

Inspirational Empire College Graduate

Empire College legal graduate Betsabe Aparicio was one of the featured stories (and the cover photo) for a Celebrate Community Partnership special section entitled “The Immeasurable Power of Compassion” in today’s Press Democrat. I hope you find her personal story as inspirational as I do.

These Grads/Students Got The Job!

We would like to share with you the list of Students/Graduates who have recently started their new careers. 

Ethan hired by Ledson Winery & Vineyards, as a Tasting Room Staff Member.

Cherie hired by Ron Allen & Associates, as a Customer Service/Data Entry Clerk.

Melissa Contreras Camacho, hired by, West County Health Centers, Inc, as a Medical Administrative Assistant-Bilingual.

Web Contest Winners

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Each module, one lucky student is recognized as having the “Web Page of the Module.” The page is published on the web site, and the recipient of the award receives a $50 bill. We are proud to announce the winners for the March-May modules…Kelley Lee, Jennifer O’Neal and Amelia Doran.

Graduation Highlights

It's been a month since our semiannual commencement exercises for the Business School, but the celebration continues. Check out our album of highlights on Facebook. It's loaded with wonderful family and friend moments. Enjoy!

Going Up? The Importance of the Elevator Speech

At this point, most people know what an elevator speech is, especially job seekers. Whether or not the origin of the term came from running into important people in elevators or delivering a concise and clear sales pitch in the time it takes to ride an elevator from top to bottom, one thing is certain – it’s important.
Check out just some of the many useful ways an elevator speech can help round out your job hunting arsenal.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: What Job Searchers Wish They Would’ve Known

We’ve all been there during a job interview.  We’ve said something we wish we wouldn’t have or we wish we would have done something differently.  Some job interviews just leave us slamming our hand against our foreheads, saying, “Why did I do that?”

What are the most common job searching mistakes?  We’ve gathered up a few things many job searchers said they wish they would have done or done more of.  Take their advice!